?? about Kenton Ind. knobs

Was thinking about getting a set of these knobs for my 22-250. Has any one here dealt with them or used their knobs

Yes, I had a set in the past. If you will use your rig in the same basic conditions (elev/alt/temp) and of course your load and sight-in distance must remain the same.
I use them on a custom 300ultra and it has been an awsome tool. They are a great company to work with.

the rifle will be used from between 6-8000 ft elevation, temps will range from around 80 to a low of about 10 degrees. Was looking at their website and thought to order them and use 7000 ft elevation and a temp of around 45.
I plan on using them.
Have heard nothing but good but have not tried them yet.
Just won a scope on ebay and will be working on a load
for my gun and will order them.
The guy I talked to there was very helpful.
Call them and make sure they make them for your scope.
You may have to leave a message but they will call you back.
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