7mm PRC Wildcat Build

I understand you want availability of brass. I have never not been able to get brass from sherman. When I built my last rifle I started by looking for components. Sherman had brass and I have purchased brass 4 more times. That being said I like the cartridge you designed and hopefully components come back.
The WSM will outrun the 7 PRC, hands down, I dont know about the 7 on the 300 prc.Just needs a fast twist like the prc
They're within 1.5 gr powder capacity of each other. At equal pressure there will be 30fps between them. They're pretty much the same cartridge. Cept one has Peterson, ADG, Lapua brass options. The other? Well, not so much.
Beautiful rifle, and an excellent package as you have assembled it. Impressive Muzzle Velocities for sure!! I do not know the down range ballistics, but I would guess you have a true 1000 yard Elk and Sheep rifle. When you book your Mongolian Sheep hunt please send us pictures!!!!!
I'd argue that the top end is full already with little room for performance improvement.

Personally, I'd love (and will someday have) a 28 Nosler. However, it's waaaay more horsepower than I need or want for most of my hunting, and it torches barrels so I wouldn't even shoot it all that much.

Something like a 7mm PRC would be easier recoil, easier on powder and barrels, just more fun to use more often.

Just my thoughts ☺️