For Sale 7mm Mashburn reloading lot


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Oct 7, 2012
I have 4 dies for sale:
Brand almost brand new CH4D 7mm Mashburn dies. A full length size die, seater die, neck size die and a case form die. I have 60 sized cases I will include (once fired Fed 300 win mag) and a piece of casting alloy that I made a cast of the full length die. There was a discrepancy with the die print and the reamer my smith had, so I ended up cutting my losses and going with a 7mm Practical. I attached a drawing of the print CH4D sent me that the die was manufactured to. I will give someone a good deal on custom dies, just need to order a custom reamer and you can have a sweet 7mm wildcat. I have over 300 in the dies, will let the lot go for $200.IMG_20200209_173623753.jpgIMG_20200209_173700291.jpgIMG_20200209_173754504.jpg7 mm Mashburn Mag.gif