SOLD/EXPIRED 7MM BR Dies, brass, loaded ammo


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Aug 10, 2011
Southwest Iowa
I have a set of 7MM Benchrest RCBS dies for sale. Came with a gun that I bought and sold, so $30 shipped.

Also have about 200 pieces of 7MM BR brass, came with the dies as all once fired and I never loaded any. $40 shipped.

Also have 8 boxes of Remington Factory 7MM BR 140 gr. pointed soft point all in factory Remington boxes. $35/box plus shipping or all 8 boxes for $260.

I also have two 20 round boxes of Conley Precision loaded ammo, 1 box with 120 gr. Barnes TTSX, 1 with Barnes 140 gr. TTSX. I would like to get $70 box shipped or $130 for both.

If you want it all, I would sell it for $425 shipped.

Thanks in advance, Sargemarlin