7 mm STW

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    Nov 14, 2012
    I first visited this site in December while considering a Hart barrel in 7 mm STW, converting a Remington Model 700 in 7 mm mag. I asked for guidance. I made the conversion to the Hart 24 inch barrel plus 2 inch muzzle brake, installed by Bob Hart. I used IMR 7828, 79.5 grains, Nosler 150 grain Ballistic Tip bullets. Bob recommended 80.0 grains, but that is way above the maximum in Nosler and other reloading manuals. So I worked up 13 incremental loads, 4 shots each. At one hundred yards, without careful aiming, all 4 shots of the 79.5 grain loads went into one hole! All the other incremental loads were under one inch! I am impressed. I used a Leupold 2.5 to 10 X 40 mm. VX-3 scope, resting on sand bags on a portable bench. Brass was Reminton and primers were Federal 215. Stock was a Bell & Carlson that Bob installed to replace the fine looking factory Remington walnut stock. The Remington stock is for sale. I hope to use this rifle for long range deer and antelope. But we have few antelope in Eastern PA. Bill, Easton, PA
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    Sounds like you did your homework and your rifle should work fine. Lots of Antelope in Wyoming.