Red Neck

Nov 20, 2001
Austin TX United States of America
What is the farthest range you guys would take a white tail deer at with 7.62x51mm My farthest shot so far on a white tail was 551 an 8 point he droped with a shot right in the neck.
I'm sure there's no problem with energy out to 700 or 800 yards on a good double lung hit.

The problem for me is that the kill zone is pretty narrow on a whitetail so the distance needs to be plus or minus 10 yards or so at long range. The fall angle gets pretty steep for the 308 (7.62 x 51) shooting the 175's at long distances.

I have an M24 clone with a 7.62x51 NATO chamber. The chamber is a little big for extremely accurate shooting with new unfired brass but using once fired brass it really tightens up. (I can get .75 MOA with the rifle on new brass or factory Match ammo but sub .5 with once fired brass.) The down side is that the brass will only fit in the M24 clone, it won't come close to chambering in any rifle chambered using a standard or match 308 reamer. I ONCE tried to chamber one in my other 308 and I needed to knock the chambered round loose with a cleaning rod.
I am shooting a savage 10FP that is customised by turner percision arms (tactical) I shoot Federal gold meatl 175. The rifle will print between .5/.25 at 100.

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