SOLD/EXPIRED 6mm rem dies/brass


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Jan 26, 2013
Sold off both my 6mm rifles so I'm cleaning out the rest of the components/parts. The brass I believe is once fired except as where noted, I bought it all used over the past few years and never got around to loading any of it. I would love to sell everything together if at possible. Here's what I have:

3x RCBS FL dies - one set doesn't have a box
1x RCBS small base

119pc rp,win,frontier, and fc 6mm brass
82pc rp 1x fired 6mm brass
14pc rp 2x fired 6mm brass
53pc rp 5x fired 6mm brass
46pc rp 6x fired 6mm brass
44pc lc &lc match formed brass into 6mm brass
140pc herters 244 brass
46pc rem-umc 244 brass
57pc rp 244 brass

Total pieces of brass is 601

May be interested in trades for .224, .243, .284, or .308 projectiles. Open to other trades too, please pm me so I can keep this post uncluttered.

Asking $160 shipped for everything.