SOLD/EXPIRED 6.5mm-284 Norma Lapua Brass, Redding Type S Bushing Dies and 6.5mm Bullets


Jun 21, 2017
I sold the gun since I haven't had time to use it, so no need for all the anymore. Up for sale is:
- 100 Lapua brass cases unopened in original container $100
- 25 Lapua brass cases once fired $18
- Redding Type S Bushing 3-Die Neck Sizer Set for 6.5mm-284 Norma w/ 4 polished steel neck sizing bushings ( .292, .291, .290, and .289), the original bullet seating plunger/stem, a VLD Micrometer Seat Stem installed, and a Lee Case Length Gauge & Cutter (not pictured). $200
- 100 SMK 6.5mm 142gr HPBT $30
- 100 Sierra 6.5mm 120gr Spitzer $19
- 100 Speer 6.5mm 100gr HP $19
- 500 SMK 6.5mm 140gr HPBT $135

All prices are OBO, I accept PayPal Friends and Family otherwise add 3%. Buyer to pay actual shipping cost, PM for shipping quote.