SOLD/EXPIRED 513t Remington Trainer with 2 bricks of ammo

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    Sep 14, 2010
    I have a 513t Remington trainer for sale. It has had the barrel set back, chambered with a match reamer, and recrowned. The barrel is full length bedded, the trigger has been lightened to 3 lbs., and the receiver has a 3/8" dovetail milled into it. The work, except the dovetail, was done by John Johnson in Billings, MT. The rifle has a military finish and the stock has been stripped, but I never refinished it. There are two mags with the rifle and I own a third but can't find it at the moment. The mags are nice but if memory serves the 10 rounder will spit it's load if put more than 7 in there (easy fix). I have personally fired 7 rounds into .25 MOA at 50 yds with Remington target made by Eley, the rifle prefers these to greentags (2nd), wolf match, and others I've tried. It will consistently shoot <1 MOA with these. CCI standard velocity works best as far as economical ammo goes. This thing is an absolute blast and feels like a center fire rig. I am only selling because I am left handed and am getting a LH CZ.

    Incuded in the sale:
    -2 factory mags if I find the 3rd you can have that one too
    -2 bricks of 400 American Eagle ammo (I only fired two unaimed shots with this to make sure it worked in this match chamber, don't know how well it shoots)

    Optional to buyer:
    -2 boxes of the Remington Target Eley ammo $11 ea Cabelas in Billings MT had many more if you want to call them
    -Weaver Grand Slam tactical 3-10 and Millet steel rings $275
    -$25.00 plastic Plano case to ship in

    Price for everything included in the sale - $495 will trade for Leica 1600 or 1600b, annealing machine, 2-10x32 PST, 7mm WSM brass, 7mm vld 180s Berger et al, SAUM brass, or stainless tumbling media equip.