45 WinMag with Barnes 250gr. slug


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Feb 17, 2012
North Carolina
I am planning to purchase a pack of Barnes 250gr. 50cal. sabots with 45cal. slugs to load in my 45 WinMag. They have a polymer tip and wondering if anyone had used these slugs for any pistol. These are boattails and good ogive and think they will fly well.


Hey guys, Ok I was just wondering this very thing. I was thinking of using them in a .454 Casull and I wondered if there was anything that might prevent this from working. The ones Barnes sells for the pistol bullet selection are .451" dia and these are .451" dia. I would really like to use the TMZ which is the same thing in the above pic. They sometimes say if it does not state that they are safe not to use them. I am wondering if they are ONLY for muzzleloading or can they be used for loading in a handgun. I have thought that it wouldn't matter and they would work just fine in a handgun. What do you think?
only thing i have really heard about on thin skinned bullets in a .454 is stacking or collapse issues. something about the bullet diameter "increases" at higher velocity and raising chamber pressures. original freedom arms bullets were supposed to be thicker and harder than "normal" jacket material.
Well then when Barnes is solid copper, the. There shouldn't be anything to worry about then? Just as long as its .451dia instead of .452? Which I don't think they even make a .452dia bullet. So all should be good then.
If I recall I read somewhere else about this, and it was said that it may be too long and cause a coal that is not suitable to lead in a revolver type handgun. It is possible that if it was seated deep enough to fit and chamber that it will not have enough powder to really make a difference because the bullet seated in to far will take up powder room. However, if used in a single shot like an encore this probably won't be an issue.
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