SOLD/EXPIRED .45 cal smokeless muzzleloader


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Sep 24, 2016
Frankfort, Ky
Scope and bipod NOT included 😇

Hey folks! Putting up a Remage SML for sale. Here’s the specs:
-Remington ‘RR’ prefix L/A (action face squared, lugs lapped, ejector removed) with factory trigger that has a very nice @2.5lb trigger job with ZERO creep.

-Holland .250 recoil lug
-Leupold Back Country 20 moa rail (bedded)
-26” Brux pre-fit (1-20 twist) w/Hankins H.I.S and Hankins Precision barrel-nut
-Hankins ‘Master Blaster’ brake (very effective)
-Factory bottom metal (with box, spring, follower)
-Kydex (Thin Blue Line) cheek rest
-HS Precision PST036 stock (black w/gray web)
-Pic rail from ‘jaoutdoors’
-Arrowhead Magnetic bolt stop
Barreled action has been nicely bedded with Devcon 10120.
Rifle consistently shoots into 1/2 moa at 200 yards with Arrowhead 275gr XLD’s (2,720 fps) as well as Fury 275gr Star Tip MZ’s (2,615 fps) and the last group I shot with it actually went into 1/4 moa at 200 yards with the XLD’s (see targets). I’ve ran ladders with and without wads (wool) and the rifle definitely likes wool wads. I’ve used IMR 4198 only and have all the load data and ladder data you will need with the listed powder and bullets. Rifle will come with 25 brass modules and an Arrowhead stainless steel load-thru funnel that has been cut .005” off the crown. Rifle has 129 shots total down the pipe. I really hate to sell this thing, but my new SML build is nearly complete and this one has to go. I promise you it WILL NOT disappoint. Only things you will need in addition to this set-up is a smooth sizing die and a ram-rod…..and of course primers, bullets and IMR4198 which can be found pretty regularly right now. BH 209 will work in this just as well!
The only blemish on the rifle (strictly aesthetic) is the Smith that assembled this polished the last inch of the barrel (has a bead blast finish by the way) before turning down the brake to fit the rifle. I do not know why he did this. Needless to say I was a little aggravated. The bottom metal would also come open from time to time due to recoil (I purchased the bottom metal used and the latch was apparently a little worn) so I just sealed it shut with a little JB Weld and problem solved… was never gonna be anything else but a SML so it mattered not to me.
I added up all the parts of the build and took off slightly more than 20% and $1,750 is the selling/shipped price (Continental US only)….from my FFL to your FFL. I take PayPal Friends & Family and if you’d like to see some more pictures or want to Face Time me and see the rifle up close, live and ‘in person’ I’ll consider that as well. Thanks for looking. 👍
54D50032-3394-454C-92E6-C21370213D37.jpeg 5DEF38E6-20C3-4109-BE40-2F26994AE701.jpeg 39E949B6-2C8D-4697-95B6-F47EA30752A5.jpeg BA06E812-C10D-431D-9A24-20BE42FCEE51.jpeg 56192FDB-1538-40A4-92B2-071447F5F10D.jpeg 28E4C66D-5241-49E6-9762-F66243759BB7.jpeg
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