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45-70 reloading components


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Sep 29, 2012
Phila Burbs

I am selling the following lot of 45-70 reloading components. I want to sell it as one lot. I do not want to split it up.

Update: I no longer have 47 loaded 45-70s. I used an RCBS Pow'r Pull Impact Bullet Puller and seperated the bullets from the cases. They will be included with this lot.

1. 110 pcs. Of Empty 45-70 cases. Almost all are marked “W-W”. There are a few marked “R-P”. There appears to be a lot of virgin cases in this lot. Some cases are primed.

2. 47 pcs. Un-Loaded 47-70. Many were loaded with virgin brass. Some loaded cases are missing their primer. These are reloads and sold as Reloading Components Only.

3. Two (2) RCBS 45-70 3 die sets #20904. One set appears to be in mint condition and the other shows signs of use.

4. 218 Lazar-Cast 45-70 cal., 350 gr., Flat Point Bullets. These were purchased from Cabela’s.

5. 114 Rem. 45-70 cal., 250 gr. Hollow Point, Copper Jacket Bullets.

6. 50 Flight Line 45-70 cal., 405 gr. Flat Point Bullets.

7. 18 45-70 Cast Bullets with Gas Checks. Unknown Manufacture.

8. 30 Barnes TXS 300 gr. TXS Hollow Point, Flat Base Copper Bullets.

9. 26 Hornady 45 cal. 500 gr. .458 diam. Round Nose Bullets.

10. 9 Hornady 45 cal. .458 diam. 350 gr. Bullets

11. 55 T&T 45-70 cal., 405 gr. Flat Point Bullets.

Price is $150.00 picked up in zip code 19096. Shipping is extra. This Lot is Heavy. I will travel 5 miles from home to meet.[/B][/SIZE]

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