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SOLD/EXPIRED 4 - 8# Jugs ADI Ar2217


Active Member
Nov 8, 2006
El Campo, Tx
4- 8lb jugs ADI AR2217 Powder


I have 4 - 8 lb jugs of ADI AR2217 Powder. ADI Australia (thales Co)makes Hodgon h1000 for them. One of the jugs has has 10 rifle sheels loaded out of it, the other are sealed. I am asking 90.00/ jug for the full ones and 80.00 for the one thats been opened. We bought the powder last year when we were working up loads for a 30-378 and a 300RUM. We select the ADI powder because my buds had his 30-378 loaded previously but when I did some load testing, his weatherby held a better group with retumbo as did my 300 rum. Prece nego.

ADI's Smokeless Powders Handloaders Guide

Emai or PM if interested and I'll give you my number . Product in El Campo,TX

Thanks for looking