SOLD/EXPIRED #3662910 - Today at 06:51 AM Extreme Dimension Phantom Predator Pro Series wr32


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Jan 24, 2012
Kirksville Missouri
This is a wireless game caller that includes the following sounds
1. Coyote Howls
2. Coyote Pups
3. Jack Rabbit Distress
4. Fawn Distress
5. Baby Pig Distress
6. Feline Distress
7. Rabbit Distress
8. Bird Distress
9. Rodent Squeaks
10. Crow Gathering
11. Thrashing Leaves
12. Ground Hops
Here is a link to the call
They sell for about 200 new this one comes with box and papers and is in good shape only defect is a crack in the coating on the antenna that does not affect function
105 obo shipped

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