SOLD/EXPIRED 300WSM Factory Ammo and Components

One Hole

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Jun 19, 2015
North Idaho
Wasn't looking to sell these but given the shortages out there I will if it helps someone out. Sorry if it sounds greedy - you can make an offer.

  • 4 boxes of 20 each Federal Premium #P300WSMG new factory rounds. Federal brass and 165gn Barnes Triple Shock I have a Borden custom rifle and these factory rounds shoot very nearly as good as my best handloads.. $100 per box.
  • 4 bags of 50 each Winchester #WSC300WSMU new un-primed brass. $100/bag.
  • 2 boxes of 50 each Barnes .308 168gn Tipped Triple Shocks (#30878) $100/box.



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