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SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Win, ABS, Glen Harrison, PTG TRADES!


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Dec 11, 2008
Up for sale to my dismay is my BABY! i have found a house i want to buy and now my pride and glory needs to go....



My baby is a completly custom rifle built by JENSE PRECISION. Specs are:

Quote from Advanced Barrel Systems Website about Jense Precision Rifles:
"We are pleased to introduce a new premium custom builder.

KK Jense at Jense Precision is building some of the finest premium custom rifles we have ever seen.
We are pleased to add him to the list of approved and highly recommended builders. We are confident his end product and customer service will make your next build a no hassle process."


Jense Precision mod KK22 (built for Jense by Glen Harrison) SS Right Bolt Left Target Port with Heavy Tang and external bolt stop. Action Custom Cut for the Wyatt Bottom metal.

PTG .6995 with Heavy Sako Extractor, Removable Tactical Bolt handle, and light spiral flutes

Bottom Metal
Wyatt Detachable 5 round box mag, 2 MAGS INCLUDED
Timney trigger at 2.5#

The scope base and recoil lug integral ring to attach to base are made custom for this action by Glen Seekins at Seekins precision. The one piece base is attached to the receiver with (4) 8-40screws and then it locks into the recoil lug(which is double pinned to the receiver also) making the most crucial moving parts of any gun, one unit.

ABS Wrapped Satern Ultra Light 28" SS Finished with Muzzle Break, 1-11.25 twist

Lone Wolf Summit with Weatherby Style Cheek Rest, 14.5" LOP and Pachmayer Recoil Pad,"Granite Black" finish. STOCK IS BEAUTIFUL! Every Lone Wolf stock is made specifically for the rifle it is mounted on, built then bedded by the company. Check out their site for more info.

KarbonKote Kimber Stainless on action, bbl, and bottom metal, and matte black on base, rings and bolt, with factory black mags

RIFLE shoots 7/10" groups @ 200 yards with hunting loads developed by jense precision, and he stated it would do a lot better with target loads, but i built it for hunting so i never had him try.

Rifle has had 40 rounds down barrel for load development and barrel break in, and another 40 down for hunting. Rifle is just about the best all around hunting rifle you could imagine, and thats what i built it for. Weight is about 7.5 lbs i would assume, i will try to get a definate idea. Its ultra light.

Im sure i have forgot some information. Total build cost was $4750.00

$4000 $3800 for rifle only, no scope or rings

Links for Build Info:
ABS Barrels

Jense Precision

Lone Wolf Stocks

Rock Creek Barrels

Seekins Precision

Wyatts Detachable Magazine

Surgeon XL Repeater action
AICS 1.5
HIGH end Optics

[email protected]
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Rifle back up for sale, with some modifications:
Rifle now has HS precision DBM, much more clean and low profile, looks like a ADL nearly.
Round count is 136 now, still shooting AMAZING.
Jense Precision has now become Proof Research, still producing the same product, but starting price is $5500.
Price remains $3800

Email me with any questions @ [email protected]

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