SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Norma Mag Multicam Lefty AX - As New!


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Dec 2, 2005
Up for sale is my wicked hot, as-new, GAP 300 Norma Mag. This rifle is only a couple months old. Reason I'm selling: This is the first chassis I've owned and I just can't get used to it. Like all GAP's, she's a laser beam hammer! Initial load development was right at 3/4 MOA but I have since cut that in half. She loves the Berger 215 and 230 hybrids. Best group was .3" @ 110y with 215gr Bergers moving at 3157fps (yes, you read that right). 230's shoot just as well at 2900fps. The rifle has exactly 110 rounds on it. Metal is finished cerakote black. No dings, no scratches - spotless. Rifle only weight: 14 lbs. Total price from GAP was $4640. Asking $4300/shipped & insured.

Rifle specs:

GAP Templar V2 action, integral recoil lug & 30 MOA base. This action is smoooooth!
28" Bartlien medium palma contour (#11) barrel, 1-10 twist w/ Badger mini FTE brake.
Rare lefthand AX chassis. Multicam dip.
Timney 510 trigger tuned by GAP to 2.5 lbs
Comes with 2 AICS 5-rd magazines and 28 rounds of the 215gr load she likes.

Forester dies and brass for sale as well.

Bipod not included.


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