SOLD/EXPIRED 26 Nosler by Long Range Rifles LLC


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Mar 4, 2012
IMG_2592.JPG IMG_2591.JPG I purchased new a little over a year ago from LLR LLC, and just never seem to find time to shoot it. I simply have too many rifles. Scope not included. Here are the details:

Manners Stock, Jewel Trigger, Brux #5 Contour 8 Twist Fluted Barrel Crowned at 26", Stiller Tac 300 Action, Vais Muzzle Brake. The serial number is LLR200. I did barrel break in and tuned with less than 30 rounds down the tube. I believe the Cerakote is McMillan tan, but not sure. It is a shade or two lighter than FDE. This will be shipped to the buyer in the same hard case the rifle was shipped to me in. This will also include another package with dies, bullets, and approximately 100 pieces of new Nosler brass. The rifle is as new and in mint condition. Load data can be viewed by opening attached PDF file. Asking $3,750 delivered to your FFL. Will also consider reasonable offers.



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