SOLD/EXPIRED .257 DGR Barrel, Dies and Brass For Sale

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    I have decided to rebarrel my .257 DGR to .308 as I have access to lots of Federal GMM and already have the rifle set up like I want it--Here's what I have:
    27" Douglas Premium XX SS 1:12" twist barrel in the Remington Varmint contour and chambered in .257 DGR. It has been coated with Birdsong's Green "T" and has about 250 rds thru it.(exact rd count available--I'll have to look it up)It went thru a proper break-in and has been cleaned with a bore guide and Dewey rod at least every 20 rds.
    Hornady Custom Dies in .257 DGR (FL sizer and Seater)
    100 pieces of fireformed brass
    100 pieces of virgin .260 Rem brass.
    I'll take $200 shipped for the whole lot....This barrel can be rechambered to .25-06 or .25-284 if you wanted to, as either reamer will clean up the DGR chamber...
    More info on the .257 DGR can be found here---
    Here is a pic of the barrel on my rifle--the rifle is NOT for sale...

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