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SOLD/EXPIRED .257 cal / .25-06 bullets, brass, dies, and freebie


Nov 6, 2009
300ct .257cal Sierra bullets - $40+shipping

.257 bullets --- sold

.25-06 brass sold

.25-06 dies sold
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Well, 50 pieces of new Winchester brass sells at Cabelas for $27.99. The 100 pieces of Winchester brass is new, in unopened bags, so I'd let it go for $50 + shipping. Or you could buy the whole kitten kaboodle and get $110 worth of brass for $80...
How much for all of what you have left? Brass, bullets, dies, etc.
Right now the neck sizing die is spoken for, but the rest is available. So, $145 for everything, plus $15 for priority shipping, so $160 total.
I'm not really interested in the bullets but thought if the price was right I'd take everything off your hands. I'd be willing to give $100 for the brass and dies shipped.
Updated. The buyer for the bullets backed out, they are still available. Brass and RCBS 2 die set are sold.