SOLD/EXPIRED 225 Winchester, Mod 70


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May 21, 2009
When I spotted this rifle, what caught my eye was the beautiful figure in the butt stock. I had sold another .225 a year prior and missed it dearly, so I had to take this one home! The rifle is in used but not abused condition. Some dents in the stock, but not through the finish. The metal is good with the sort of wear one might expect on a 45 year old rifle. At the time, I couldn't find any brass, but was lucky to find a shop with two cases of factory ammunition. I purchased half of each case which comprised of newer silver box and older white box ammo. The old white box is some of the most accurate factory ammo I have ever fired. I have 4 full boxes of each, some (40? pc) once fired brass, and ~30 pieces of unfired brass and (somewhere), some dozen loaded cartridges (60 grain Nosler partitions). I have never fired any of my hand loaded cartridges, but know this rifle should really be an even more impressive tack driver, given how well it shoots the factory stuff. This package will come with the rifle, rings, bases, and a new Simmons Prairie Master scope, plus the reloading dies (RCBS ??), all .225 Win., ammunition and etc., that I have. If you pm me or email me with your email address, I can send you photos. $800.00 plus shipping.