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22-250 tikka 1:8 twist wanted

Am I mistaken or are you asking for something that doesn't exist? The Tikka rifles I've seen have super slow twists. I think they are at 1-12 or 1-14 in the 22-250.
You are correct as you know. I must have been looking at older models or misinformation when I was looking at 22-250 rifles. I just did some research, and their current varmint model is 1-8 twist. Good luck with your search
Would also consider 223. Or 224 valkrie. But prefer 22-250. Would also entertain custom. And i guess i should have mentioned stainless steel, no blued.
I did a search for exactly what you are looking for the other day ( I also would like one) in all the usual spots and couldn't find one available. Hopefully they will be producing more soon.
I have an as new barrel, pulled for 22 creedmoor build. It's a stainless sporter @ 22.7" 8tw. 175$ tyd.
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Funds sent to helpful member on here. Hope to see the rifle in a couple weeks. Thanks guys.
Now for ammo.... hard to find any brass

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