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SOLD/EXPIRED 22-250 for sale/trade


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Apr 30, 2009
Ruger MkII Target 22-250 for sale. Barrel has been recrowned, set back 1" and rechambered (still in 22-250 Rem). 612 rounds down range since the rechambering. Rings have been lapped. Rings are included but scope is not. Consistently shoots .5"-.75" groups (5 shots center to center) at 100yds with 32gr of RE10x and a 55gr Sierra blitzking at 3750fps. Great gun, but I bought a Remington 22-250 and I like shooting it better. I will give all of my load data if you want it. I have some once fired brass from this gun that could also be thrown in the mix to make a sale/trade happen.
$550 shipped to your FFL. I will also take trades on certain Kahr or Glock pistols or Remington bolt action rifles. I am really looking for a 223 with a 8 or 9 twist heavy barrel or a sporter weight Remington in 204, 223 or 22-250. If you have any other guns you want to trade let me know, I might be interested. Can add cash for the right trade. Will do face to face in W TN, N MS or E AR.

Thanks for looking. PM me or email me at [email protected]

It has a crisp, clean two stage trigger that breaks at 2.75lbs. Thanks for the offer, but Im not interested in the 788. Really want a 700 in 223 with a fast twist barrel more than any of the other guns listed.
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im interested. i will give you a new muzzzleloader that has been shot less than 5 times if you give me a deal.
I'm interested, what Glocks are you wanting to trade for? P.M. me when you get a chance. Thanks CMH gun)