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SOLD/EXPIRED 2 guns for sale


Nov 23, 2008
I have 2 guns for sale to finish paying for my new LR custom.

1. Winchester mod 70 coyote in 243 wssm stainless barrel with a laminate stock. Around 80 rounds down the tube. I also have a couple boxes of ammo to go with it. $600

2. Springfield Armory XD 45 (45acp) pistol around 70 rounds through it. $400

Both are in good condition will put pics up later this afternoon. Thanks
It shoots really well. I can't tell you in moa haven't shot any groups lately with it. I use it mainly for coyotes. It is one heck of a round for coyotes.
I have a .243 wssm Mod 70 coyote and I shoot 58gr v-maxs out of it. It's a tack driver. Zeroed at 200 yards and shoots flat out to 400 yards. Very good deal on this rifle

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