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    Apr 12, 2010

    I finally reloaded my first bullets for my 270 this weekend. I started out with the recommended starting load and worked up in .5 grain increments to .5 grains under the max load. I wanted to post some pics of my brass in hopes that some more experienced reloaders would take a look at them and let me know if they look ok. The only thing I was not sure about was the brass had soot (?) around the outside of the neck. I was shooting 130 grain barnes ttx with h4350 powder. I did not see any noticable differences in accuracy (all were just over an inch at 100 yds. I would like to shrink my groups down a bit. Which step would be the best to do next?

    1). Adjust the oal length while keeping the powder constant. I just did my first one at the recommended length of 3.300.
    2). Try a different bullet.
    3). Try a different powder. It seems like a lot of the manuals recomment 4831 as the most accurate powder for 130 grain bullets out of a .270.
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    The soot on the necks is normal, I see that alot. A quick twist against some fine steel wool pinched between the fingers will remove it nicely. Tumbling the cases will also usually remove it too, but it takes more time......your choice.

    I can't tell in the photos, but if you're not seeing flattened primers, cratered primers, sticky extraction, excessive muzzle blast or recoil/noise ect, then you may not have reached max pressure in your particular rifle yet. Is the velocity what you were shooting for with any of the powder charges?

    If you've got a powder charge that gives you the velocity you want, but not the accuracy; you can leave the powder charge where it is and try changing the seating depth. Watch for pressure signs when doing this, because when you seat the bullets out farther (closer to the lands) usually, the pressure goes up.

    If after trying different seating depths you still aren't happy w/ the accuracy, then try a different bullet. if a few different bullets wont shoot, then try changing the powder...........Unless you REALLY want to use the Barnes, if so, change the powder before giving up on that bullet. Last, try changing the primer.

    I don't know anything about the rifle in question, but some rifles will only shoot 1" groups at 100 yds, no matter what you do with your reloads. Not saying that is the case here, but only trial and error will tell for sure. I've been able to get a few factory rifles to shoot extremely well by using nothing more than benchrest/precision handloading techniques and similar load testing. Some others required some minor gunsmithing before they would shoot really good (action bedding, barrel floating, trigger jobs, ect.)

    Good Luck, and have Fun!
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