1st Mule Deer down with my 6.5 SAUM


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Oct 30, 2018
East Coast USA
It was a fantastic day to hunt in Hayden, Co yesterday., little wind and lots of sunshine. The day started early with hike I thought was just going to be a little uphill jaunt with my guide. Little did I know she planned to march us up a mountain to a peak to glass for deer. All I can say is thank God it was dark and I had no idea how steep and far it was ahead of time because I don't think I would have done it. Lol. By the time I got to the top my lungs we on fire. I like the oxygen level much better at 60 feet above sea level where I live year round!

Once I cold breathe again we settled in to glass. Lots of does filtered out at first light and then some nice bucks far off in the distance. It is amazing how well the Mule deer blend into the sage brush. We made a few attempts in the morning to stalk a whopper of a buck but the dang does just kept locking us down where we could not move. We made a list ditch effort on the whopper buck, who was bedded with his ladies, but after a long and slow stalk, we bumped him in some heavy sage brush and I watched him trot away with his harem. It was a very cool sight to watch. All in all the morning hunt was just amazing.

We set up on a ridge over looking an alfalfa field for the evening hunt. Nothing moved for hours and then all of a sudden the does started filtering off the mountain sides and into the fields. Easily saw 150 does. I had a few walk so close to me I could see them blink. As the legal shooting time closed in, a nice 4x4 buck filtered off a ridge with a couple more does. When he got to about 350 yards the 6.5 SAUM with the 156 Berger did a fantastic job. He dropped in his tracks. I could not be more happy and blessed for an amazing hunting adventure.
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