zeroing advice

  1. S

    Burris XTR II Elevation Adjustment

    This Burris XTR II seems to be set up differently than any other scopes I’ve used. The elevation adjustment seems to go from zero up (only) vs other scopes that allow up and down adjustments ? I guess up is all you really need, but I’m stuck. Is this a common set-up? Any difference in the zero...
  2. samtello

    Boresight, Record Zero, and Verification of Zero

    This is an update to the thread on Boresight Question Research, that I posted last year Dec 14, 2017. Here is a clip I am working on an App calling it Recordfire that...
  3. Josebigsky

    Advice on Long Range Scope Zero

    Hi all, I am having a 28 Nosler built and will be putting a Leupold 4-24 Vx6 on it with an Impact 23 MOA Reticle. This is the first long-range rifle I have owned. I live in Montana. I built this rifle to hunt elk and mule deer. I plan on using the reticle when I need to make a quick shot. I...