1. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington 870 20 gauge youth synthetic stock and forend

    For sale is a new Remington 870 20 gauge youth synthetic stock and forend. Has the Supercell recoil pad. $50 shipped. I live in Maricopa AZ. $40 if you can pick up from me. First I will take it followed by a pm with name, address, and contact info (email and cell) gets the goods. I will accept...
  2. Elkaholic Hunter

    Youth Pellet Rifle Suggestion

    I’m looking to get my daughters a pellet rifle to start shooting and learn the basics. They are 4 & 6. They have a savage rascal .22 lr but we don’t get to shoot that much since we live in a subdivision. Looking to get a pellet rifle that would fit a young kid well, possibly an adjustable stock...
  3. P

    Tikka rifle

    Looking to buy a few tikka rifles. Ive got an OTC deer hunt planned this fall where I am taking a bunch of young hunters on a backcountry hunt in Idaho (between myself and the several other dads Im taking, there will be 13 kids, 5 of whom will be 1st time hunters). Id like to have a few rifles...
  4. Doghunter23

    Son's First Buck

    My oldest got his first Buck this weekend at 6 years old. He made a perfect top of the heart shot at 305 Yards with my custom 243 shooting Nosler 85 Gr partitions. I was ranging and calling out the adjustments. The buck just took about 3 jumps and tipped over tail just spinning! Lots of...