whitetail deer hunting

  1. Jack300WSM

    6.5 PRC performance on deer

    I’m getting ready to rebarrel one of my 700’s. I’ve been wanting to try 6.5 PRC for awhile now. Got the dies, and getting components (if/when they come available). I’ve got an uncle who kills a lot of deer but he said for some reason the 6.5 PRC punched holes in three whitetails, they all ran...
  2. LVJ76

    Godson's first AZ Coues Deer

    My nephew/godson joined our family hunting party a few years ago and decided to give it a try at deer last year but we ended with some left over tags in an area we don't hunt much, we saw a couple pf good bucks bit they never gave him a clear shot so we tried again this year. This year we...