1. R

    LabRadar Lite for sale in like new condition and fully fucntional

    LabRadar Lite for sale in like new condition and fully fucntional. Comes with original box, manuals, warranty card and other staff as it was received new. $550 shipped.
  2. badthirtyone

    Speer 140 gr Deep Curl - Follow up info appreciated

    This thread is being created in response to the now closed and locked classified thread (locked out due to "Sold/Expired" status) regarding the 6.5 mm 140 gr Speer Deep Curl seconds that were purchased by multiple members back in January of this year from Midway. It appeared that Midway was...
  3. Overkill338

    .375 Ruger Velocity Show Down 20" vs 23"

    I searched all over the internet looking for Alaskan vs African, but no one tested them side by side. So I decided to do it, to help out people in the future. I loaded up some 300 grain TSX bullets with 69 grains of RL15. Alaskan - 2378 African - 2442 Gained 22 fps per inch Paint me...
  4. I

    External Ballistics Experiment

    This has been a thought I've had for a while. How much does the density of the air in front of the bullet affect velocity, trajectory, and accuracy? If you could reduce the air density in the barrel in front of the bullet would it make a measurable difference? I feel it would. I want to...
  5. combatcurt

    Speed vs Barrel life

    Ok, this topic seems to always carry extremely polarized opinions. On one side, folks argue that accuracy is far more important than velocity, and the other side gives up a little accuracy for speed. On another spectrum, some will worry about barrel life while some would rather not worry...