1. S

    Load Data for .300 RUM/US869powder/Berger 210gr Hunting VLD

    As the title says I am looking for very specific load data (based on what is most readily available in volume to me) for my Remington M-700 5R AWR .300 RUM. I would sincerely appreciate any guidance with regards to this powder and bullet in this cartridge. Thank you all very much in advance.
  2. Overkill338

    .300 RUM w/225 ELD-M & RL50 or US869

    Anyone have any good starting points for these two powders ? I have RL25 too, but I'd like to try the slower powders as well.
  3. Overkill338

    US869 in the .300 RUM

    Have any of you tried it and will it work with 225gr ELD-M? It's the only powder I have found that MIGHT actually work. Thanks