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  1. MWood

    Any Tips for Transporting Elk Antlers on Airplane?

    Hello, I am flying out for Elk hunt in Idaho first week of October. Normally I drive to any hunts, but this year due to work I am not able to get enough time from work to drive and have to fly. Have any of you ever transported Elk Antlers on Airplane? I would really appreciate any experience...
  2. C

    Best large cooler (that's not a Yeti)

    I'm in the market for a new, large cooler. Ideally looking for at least a 150 quart size. What is the best value cooler out there nowadays? It would need to retain ice for a least 5 days. I know Yeti has a strong following, but there's no way that $680+ is value for a cooler (at least in my...