tikka t3 270 wsm

  1. copper still

    I'm new and trying to better understand my options for modifying my Tikka T3 270 WSM

    I am new to this so I'm sorry for rehashing what has probably been discussed. I searched the forum but couldn't find exactly what I am looking for. I am working toward having 2 rifles for hunting no farther that 600 yards but really under 500 yards. I'm new to hand loading but have a good mentor...
  2. S

    Tikka T3 270 WSM load development

    Gday Haven’t been on here for a while Just in the process of purchasing a Tikka 270 wsm Already got a t3 270 win and love it Looking to get an extra few meters with the wsm Will only be using 150 gr burgers What I’m looking for is info on what powder to use Was thinking AR2225 same as...