1. N

    1 person+gear 4 season tent/shelter deciding

    Hiya folks, I'm looking for a tent to fit said needs. The stability of a tent is very much welcome but the modularity and options of tarp shelters is also desirable. I would be using it for overnighters as well as up to a week, solo... with gear... possibly a lot of gear, depending. Im not...
  2. ddman

    Teepee Tent

    I have a teepee tent for sale. $150 shipped ( PP FF or Postal MO) Brand new, only put it up to see if it was what I was wanting, it was not. I bought it from here...
  3. R

    What Tent and sleeping bag combo?

    I am planning a backpack hunt late October Idaho and I am looking for advice on Tents and sleeping bags for cold weather. I am from Florida and get cold extremely easy. I wear a coat or sweatshirt if its not in the 90s. I have been looking at 4 season tents from Nemo and MSR, also looked into...