1. Braunschweiger

    KRG Bravo - OD Green - Rem 700 SA (Mint) - $300 not including shipping.

    Bought this for a shorty build 308 and ended up consolidating some optics and rifles. No need for this now. Have original box. Not a scratch on it. It has the enlarged mag release on the front of the trigger guard. Also has the butt-hook cover which costs extra. Will take pics tonight. Asking...
  2. Braunschweiger

    Hogue Stock Full Length Aluminum Bedding Block for Winchester Model 70 SA

    Have a black Winchester Model 70/FN PBR XP Hogue overmold stock with the full length aluminum bedding block. Asking $100 + shipping. This came from an FN PBR XP rifle in 308, but will work with any Winchester Model 70 (pre64) Action. It will of course need bottom metal.
  3. rfurman24

    Axial Precision stock

    I do not know how many of you have seen this. I will be doing a review on LRO in the near future. I can already tell this is one of the straightest tracking stocks I have ever shot behind. Check them out.
  4. T

    A-BOLT 2 WSM stock

    No longer needed.
  5. BamaBoy9

    My first build

    I have a limited budget but I have some good pieces. My biggest choice is a stock , there are 3 in my budget 1 magpul hunter 700 l/a 2 pro mag archangel 700 l/a 3 laminate wood precision thumb hole stick with aluminum block bed The pro mag has aluminum pillars while the magpul and wood stock...
  6. C

    Wanted Christensen Arms Monte Carlo Stock

    Wanted christensen arms monte carlo stock.
  7. A

    Choosing the LOP compromise for different shooting positions..?

    How do you choose the LOP so it works fairly well with most shooting positions...???
  8. I

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Action, barrel, stock, from low to high $

    I going to build my first rifle and would like to know what parts to use. I would like to know from low, mid, high price range for actions, barrels, stocks. I really do not have a big budget, but i am a patient person, if need i will save and get what i want. Also like suggestions on cal. for...

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