1. S

    New Custom Rifle Build

    Hey everyone, First post here. Mostly been hunting with factory semi custom rifles but decided to go with a full custom build this time around. Struggling to find a left handed stock with a detachable mag to fit my defiance ruckus action. Does anyone have any recommendations. Trying to...
  2. D

    Help with long range stock selection

    Im looking for some advice from anyone who is willing to give it about selecting a long range hunting stock. I current have a manners mcs-t on my custom rig. Its a 7mm rem mag with a blueprinted and trued remington 700 long action and a brux #4 barell, talley high rings and a zeiss conquest v6...
  3. jbo829

    Salt wood stock

    Hello all I have a weatherby Mark V varmintmaster made in west Germany in 1969 I’m aware they used salt wood stock in the jp sauer made guns which mine is gun is in great shape until u take the stock off there is rust on the action and some on the barrel it’s pitted pretty bad the box inside the...
  4. Braunschweiger

    KRG Bravo - OD Green - Rem 700 SA (Mint) - $300 not including shipping.

    Bought this for a shorty build 308 and ended up consolidating some optics and rifles. No need for this now. Have original box. Not a scratch on it. It has the enlarged mag release on the front of the trigger guard. Also has the butt-hook cover which costs extra. Will take pics tonight. Asking...
  5. Braunschweiger

    Hogue Stock Full Length Aluminum Bedding Block for Winchester Model 70 SA

    Have a black Winchester Model 70/FN PBR XP Hogue overmold stock with the full length aluminum bedding block. Asking $100 + shipping. This came from an FN PBR XP rifle in 308, but will work with any Winchester Model 70 (pre64) Action. It will of course need bottom metal.

    Axial Precision stock

    I do not know how many of you have seen this. I will be doing a review on LRO in the near future. I can already tell this is one of the straightest tracking stocks I have ever shot behind. Check them out.
  7. T

    A-BOLT 2 WSM stock

    No longer needed.
  8. BamaBoy9

    My first build

    I have a limited budget but I have some good pieces. My biggest choice is a stock , there are 3 in my budget 1 magpul hunter 700 l/a 2 pro mag archangel 700 l/a 3 laminate wood precision thumb hole stick with aluminum block bed The pro mag has aluminum pillars while the magpul and wood stock...
  9. C

    Wanted Christensen Arms Monte Carlo Stock

    Wanted christensen arms monte carlo stock.
  10. A

    Choosing the LOP compromise for different shooting positions..?

    How do you choose the LOP so it works fairly well with most shooting positions...???
  11. I

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTB: Action, barrel, stock, from low to high $

    I going to build my first rifle and would like to know what parts to use. I would like to know from low, mid, high price range for actions, barrels, stocks. I really do not have a big budget, but i am a patient person, if need i will save and get what i want. Also like suggestions on cal. for...