1. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Iota Kremlin Stock

    iota Kremlin stock for sale. Limbsaver recoil pad. In great condition. Molded in color. Inletted for Remington 700 Long action/clones and hinged floor plate bottom metal. Currently has full length bedding from a Stiller predator action. My other Rem 700 clones have fit in this current bed job...
  2. 300whisper

    Stiller Tac30 6 Dasher with brass and ammo $2000

    Got a Stiller TAC 30 in 6 Dasher for sale with the following Stiller 20MOA Rail Stiller .250 Recoil Lug, pinned Bartlien medium palma contour, SS, 26 inch long, 1:8 twist Muscle Brake Jewel Trigger Surgeon Bottom Metal and AICS Mag McMillan HTG-A Stock with swivels and 3 flush cups. Glass...
  3. BigBuck74

    McWhorter Rifle ***REDUCED***

    I decided to sell my McWhorter .308 Winchester. It is a great gun built by McWhorter and as usual will shoot a ragged hole as all his guns do. Below are the specs on the rifle. Round count is around 200 Details - Stiller TAC Action - Stiller 20 MOA Pic Rail (Cerakoted to match action) - 24" #6...
  4. R

    7mm rem mag Shilen DGR, Stiller, Jewel, Greybull

    For sale is a lightly used 7mm Remington Magnum. Shilen DGR action by stiller, 26" shilen 1:8 twist barrel, Jewel trigger, Greybull stock. RCBS competition FL die and seater. 25 loaded rounds w/168 Bergers 3050fps, Nosler brass. Gun has been a consistent .3moa and under shooter out to 800yrds...
  5. specter29

    Stiller Brux Manners 300 winmag

    Selling my Custom Built Piercision Rifle 300 win mag built by Ryan Pierce only has 10 rounds fired time to move on to a new project. it is throated for the 215 Bergers. Bipod not for sale any questions PM me or call 920-373-9603 Rifle and scope ( Athlon Cronus BTR) $5,100 Only Rifle $3,500...
  6. T

    300 RUM for sale Left Handed

    Selling because of hard times and divorce. Used for hunting. I shoot 230 grain berger with retumbo and its shoot sub MOA. Scott Weichel built the gun and assembled it. Here are the stats 300RUM 28" barrel Broughton 5C sendero countour Mcmillan scout stock pillar bedded Jewel trigger 1.5 lbs...