SOLD/EXPIRED Hawkins Hybrid 30mm Low Rings LA Stiller, Lone Peak


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Sep 3, 2019
Eastern NC
For sale are my like new Hawkins Hybrid direct mount rings. These are 30mm, .500 Low Height, 25MOA, with built in ring cap bubble level. These fit Stiller Predator and Lone Peak Long actions, or any other long action that uses 8-40 Screws in the 2 front Remington style pattern. I only mounted them once and then realized the scope I was using did not have enough mounting length to be compatible. Looking for $80 Shipped. I Accept Paypal and Venmo. PM with questions. Thanks for Looking.

Rings Hawkins 4.jpg Rings Hawkins 3.jpg

Rings Hawkins 2.jpg
Yes they will. Here is a link to Stiller’s explanation of the differences between TAC 300 And predator actions:


The info here is slightly outdated as new Predator actions have 8-40 screws as well. I can assure you these rings have 8-40 screws.
I'll take them I think. I have an Xtreme titanium action. Both bridges have the same radius. Are these 2 the same? Radius and hole spacing
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Yes that is correct. Both have Remington 700 Front ring spacing and radius. Please note these are for long action only, will not work on short action.