1. jh2785

    Steiner M7xi 4-28x56 with MSR2 reticle

    I just purchased a ZCO ..... and to ease my conscious for spending so much freaking money on a scope.....I'm selling this beautiful Steiner M7xi Military scope. It's in absolutely excellent condition......comes with with the factory covers and a bonus .... the sun shade that I thought only fit...
  2. P

    Steiner T6Xi vs NF ATACR

    Hello all, I'm looking for opinions on these 2 riflescopes. The Steiner T6Xi 5-30x56 has locking turrets from my understanding but you dont hear much about the durability and the tracking tests on them. As for Nightforce im looking at a 5-25x56 ATACR, you usually hear everything positive minus...
  3. jh2785

    WTS Steiner M7xi 4-28x56

    Hello, this is illuminated with the MSR2 reticle and comes with the front and rear Tenebrex caps. Mount is not included. $2400 shipped. Thank you, JH Ps: this is cross posted
  4. G

    Remington 5r with Steiner

    Remington 5R 308, timney Calvin elite trigger, magpul dbm, stock is bedded, Steiner t5xi scope, vortex rings, $2700 located in laurel ms