sold pending funds

  1. Stephenhallier

    McMillan Hunters Edge and Remington Varmit

    I have two stocks from McMillan that were ordered for builds that ended up not being used. 1. First one is a Hunter Edge Remington LA 700 inlet, M4 bottom, no pillars, graphite, black paint, .216” lug, #3 shilen barrel, 1” DEC pad, 13.5” LOP, 2 studs blued. 550 shipped to you. 2. Second is...
  2. Kgkimerer

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sierra 308 110gr

    110 grain hollow points. 1 unopened box. 98 in the other. $35 shipped to lower 48.
  3. J

    375 H&H brass

    SOLD 100 rds 375 H&H once fired federal safari nickel brass,has been full length sized ,trimmed, primed with federal 215M primers 80.00 plus 13.95 shipping
  4. J

    1 of 500 Remington 700 SPS 264 win mag

    Remington 700 1 of 500 Limited Production SPS stainless 26" barrel 264 win mag new in the box special serial number W264-XXX. Gun manufactured about 2000. 1200.00 plus 40.00 shipping.
  5. R

    Browning/Sako 222 Remington with Leupold VXIII

    SOLD Pending Funds For sale Browning with Sako action in 222 Remington. Excellent little rifle that comes with Leupold VXIII 2-7 scope. No salt wood. Free shipping. If you have any questions or want more photo's please PM me. $1350.00
  6. Jeffrey May

    Eberlestock x1a2

    have a new X1A2 that is unused. This is the model with the scabbard coming out of the center of the back and the Gossamerpolycarbonate framesheet that was a big improvement over the Is timberveil camo. 200 obo shipped
  7. Unoboats

    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski 10X42 EL's FS

    I have a pair of Swaro 10X42 EL's in pristine condition, used very little have been in a Outdoor Vision harness, till I put them back with the original Strap and lens covers. Lens are immaculate with no scratches, armor is perfect too. LN condition. $1500 tyd conus Sorry some of the pics...
  8. J

    338 Federal ammo

    I have four boxes of factory 338 ammo 200 grain fusions. All have same lot#. Asking$20 a box shipped. Also have some 25 caliber bullets I'm getting rid of two boxes of accubond 110 grain unopen. one box of Sierra matchking 100 grain open but all are there. And one box of Berger 115 with 60 in...
  9. Snake Bite

    SOLD/EXPIRED Remington Super Black Eagle SBE II **NEW**12ga, 28"

    I have a BRAND NEW...Benelli Super Black Eagle II, 3 1/2"....Never put together or used. It is a black synthetic, 12 gauge, 28" barrel with all chokes, registration and manuals. It comes in the Benelli hard case. Again, it has never been put together. Cabela's running a sale on them right...

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