sig sauer

  1. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sig Kilo3000BDX for sale

    Like new Sig Kilo3000 BDX for sale. Has all original accessories, box and instructions. $600.00 includes shipping. Preferred payment USPS Money Order but will consider Paypal.
  2. M

    Ruger American 300 Win Mag w/Sig Scope

    Ruger American 300 win mag with synthetic stock. Includes an additional wood stock in black/grey. Includes Ruger muzzle break. Includes Sig Sauer Sierra 3 BDX 3.5-10x42 Scope. Gun and scope have been used and are NOT without blemishes. Upgrading to a Weatherby 300 win mag Can take more pictures...
  3. Recoil Junkie

    2 Sig Sauer, SIERRA3BDX Rifle Scope, 6.5-20

    I have 2 slightly used Sig Sauer SIERRA3BDX Rifle Scopes, 6.5-20X52mm, 30mm Main Tube, DBX-R1 Digital Ballistic Reticle, Bluetooth, Black Finish. One has a small scratch on the top of the objective bell shown in the pictures. These were originally Kits that included the BDX2400 range finder...
  4. grog24

    SOLD/EXPIRED SIG Tango6 1-6x24 MOA FFP

    I have a used Tango6 1-6x24. It is the discontinued model # SOT61001 - illuminated horseshoe reticle calibrated for 5.56/7.62 (per SIG) FFP MOA 1-6x24... comes with rings. This scope is graphite in color. Does have a little wear on bottom of scope tube where it rubbed on a rail. There is also...
  5. ellison3dpro

    Sig, burris scopes

    I have some scopes for sale. All are 30mm. 2x burris mtac 4.5-14, 1x ballistic reticle, 1x G2b mil dot.......250 shipped each 1x burris mtac 3.5-10 g2b reticle (not pictured) may or may not have box.....250 shipped 1x sig tango4 4-16x44 ffp moa with box and unused ballistic turret...
  6. SofaKing

    Sig Sauer scope and rangefinder combo Sierra 3BDX 6.5-20x52 and Kilo 2400 BDX combo SOK24BDX1

    For I’m selling a Sig Sauer Sierra3BDX 6.5-20x52 scope and Sig Sauer Kilo 2400BDX range finder. Both were used on a caribou hunt in Alaska and a mule deer hunt in Wyoming. Also comes with a set of butler creek scope caps. Looking at $1,000 shipped for both tyd in the lower 48. I’m selling this...
  7. IdahoHunter208

    G7 BR2500 or KILO2400ABS voting poll

    My wife is planning to get me a new spendy range finder for our anniversary this year and I am struggling trying to decide which one to get. The Gunwerks G7 BR2500 or Sig Sauer Kilo2400ABS. I got into long range shooting last year and hope to be good enough to compete in the next couple years. I...
  8. livetohunt

    Sig Sauer brass review

    Well I’ve had trouble finding good brass for the .300 win mag the past few years. My last lot was once fired brass from federal fusions, which were surprisingly the best I’ve come across in a while. I picked up some Sig Sauer brass in 300 win mag because I need new brass and figured I would...