sierra gameking

  1. Petey308

    Sierra TMK vs TGK (GameChanger)

    I just wanted to make a separate thread to go along with other one I made about the ELDM vs the ELDX, but regarding the differences between the Sierra TGK and the TMK. The TGK is actually a completely redesigned bullet from Sierra and it's like nothing else they've made before. It has the...
  2. S

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sierra GameKing .224 62 gr

    As the title states: Sierra GameKing .224 62 gr SBT. 300 count. Two of the boxes have been opened just to inspect them, but I decided to go a different route. Would prefer to keep them all as one bundle. $90 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  3. Jack300WSM

    Bullet choice

    BTSP Gameking type bullet or Berger Hunting VLD’s? Typical shots on whitetail within 400yds at around 3000fps at the muzzle. I’m sure this will get mixed opinions. I’ve never used the old school Gameking but people swear by them and I have used Berger Hunting VLDs with mixed results which were...
  4. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sierra 22 cal 65 gr Gameking bullets

    For sale are 4 boxes of the Sierra 22 cal 65 gr Gameking bullets. One box is opened, but all accounted for. $70 shipped for all 4 boxes.
  5. LVJ76

    7mm 160gr HPBT Sierra Gameking

    Hi all, I have a couple boxes of these bullets, they're the old 160gr. HPBT, not and impressive BC but my max hunting distance is 600 yds so that wont matter much. Sierra says they are a tough bullet and that they hold together pretty well, that they dont blow up on impact and penetrate well...