1. Bjt308

    McMillan Game scout short action stiller or Remington clone $475.00 Shipped

    McMillan game scout short action. It had a stiller predator bedded previously in the stock. Seekins precision picatinny rail installed. Has flush cups at the rear and front of forearm. Barrel channel is for a #4 contour. 14.25 length of pull. Olive base color with tan speckles. Stock was...
  2. C

    300 Sherman Short Dies and Brass

    Asking $300.00 95 pieces of ADG brass for the 300 Sherman Short; never fired but have been expanded from 7mm to 30 cal, loaded and pulled 1 modified brass case for OAL gauge. 1 set of Hornady dies 3 bushings; 335, 334, 332 1 shell holder If bought individually the brass and dies would...
  3. J

    7mm Sherman Short

    Great build and extremely accurate. Has 75 rounds down a 21” fluted brux barrel. Gun ware did the smith work. Awesome mountain gun that weighs 8.6 pounds scoped. Only getting rid of the gun because of necessity. Shoots the 166 a tip and the 168 berger phenomenal. Look up the 7MM Sherman...