short barrel

  1. MtnMann

    My Western Rifle Build

    Well after many years of drooling over custom rifles, this year (with the wife's blessing of course) I'm putting together my first custom rifle. Forewarning this is going to be a long post as I go into some detail regarding the "why" behind a lot of my choices. My overall goal for this project...
  2. 1

    Short barreled 257 Wby

    I’m looking to rebarrel my .257 Weatherby and was wondering if there’s a good reason, other than loss of velocity, why a 22” barrel would be a bad idea. I figure that the gun has velocity to spare, and it’s just going to be a hunting rig so compact size would be more beneficial. Additionally...
  3. redchinviking

    How long is your short barrel?

    Please post pics of your best group sizes at given yardage. Cartridge, component list, powder, bullet, load combo and velocity as well. Smallest group at the farthest yardage, with the shortest barrel wins!
  4. J

    18” .284 Win Bolt Gun Info

    Hey guys! I’m looking at building a compact hunting rifle for hunting in MT. Want a 0-700 yard shooter primarily for deer and wolves, and elk maybe out to 300-400. Leaning toward building a 284 Win with about a 18” barrel and hoping to shoot 168 vlds, or similar, at 2600fps +. (Basically a...
  5. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT for short barrelled rifle.

    I know it's a long shot but looking for a 16.5 to 20 maybe 22 inch barrelled rifle. THREADED is a must. I'm mainly looking for coyote caliber rifles. 22-250 to something preferably. Maybe a 6.5x47. I have a Seekins Havok 6.5 with less than 100 rounds fired and maybe a few others to trade...
  6. 3warbird

    Short barrelled suppressed

    Anyone here shooting a shorter barrelled suppressed rifle for coyotes and or whitetail? Please reply with details and pics if possible. Building a 18in m24 contour fluted and threaded 243 win, Manners folder, on a trued 700 action. Just looking for guidance from the ones already running this...