short barrel

  1. J

    18” .284 Win Bolt Gun Info

    Hey guys! I’m looking at building a compact hunting rifle for hunting in MT. Want a 0-700 yard shooter primarily for deer and wolves, and elk maybe out to 300-400. Leaning toward building a 284 Win with about a 18” barrel and hoping to shoot 168 vlds, or similar, at 2600fps +. (Basically a...
  2. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT for short barrelled rifle.

    I know it's a long shot but looking for a 16.5 to 20 maybe 22 inch barrelled rifle. THREADED is a must. I'm mainly looking for coyote caliber rifles. 22-250 to something preferably. Maybe a 6.5x47. I have a Seekins Havok 6.5 with less than 100 rounds fired and maybe a few others to trade...
  3. 3warbird

    Short barrelled suppressed

    Anyone here shooting a shorter barrelled suppressed rifle for coyotes and or whitetail? Please reply with details and pics if possible. Building a 18in m24 contour fluted and threaded 243 win, Manners folder, on a trued 700 action. Just looking for guidance from the ones already running this...