sheep gun

  1. Ovis Spotter

    .25 Saum in Southern California

    I've been reading through threads here for a while and finally getting around to joining. I really appreciate all the knowledge I've gleaned from the members here. I'm a fan of fast flat shooting rifles, my go to rifle for the last 10 years is a .270 WSM built on a 700 SA, I also have a .300...
  2. Lost in alamos

    NULA Forbes 284 Win Mag Sheep Rifle 6lbs with scope

    You are looking at a 284 winchester New Ultra Light Arms model 20 ultimate mountain rifle made by Mr. Forbes himself. On my elk hunt this year, I realized my health is getting to bad to go on a sheep hunt. The last couple years have not treated me well physically. With that being said, it is...