1. tnbndr

    Ruger 10/22 Customized

    While no Long Range Rifle this 10/22 is pretty capable with any type of Long Rifle ammunition. I have up for one vintage Ruger 10/22 Long Rifle. This rifle was purchased by me back in the early 70"s. Back then it was the top of the line available with a walnut stock. It will ship in a plastic...
  2. archangel485

    SOLD/EXPIRED 2x Winchester 100s 308 Win, made in 1963 and 1965

    2 Winchester model 100s for sale, both 308 Winchester. W13 was made in 1965, $600 $500 and W14 was made in 1963 $750 $650 W15 is sold. Firing pins just replaced. Prices are to your FFL. Pictures of W13 below. Has some bluing rubbed off of the barrel, see pictures. Pictures of W14...
  3. hitail