sako a7

  1. A

    Need some opinions on a mountain rifle.

    i have my first Dall sheep hunt in 2019 August and torn between what to do when it comes to the gun I’m bringing, the ones I have are currently to heavy. But I was looking at the local gun shop and they have Sako 85 finnlights and a7’s, browning x bolts, but to me they seem still a little heavy...
  2. Holycity73

    Sako A7 .270, 25-06

    Title says it all. Purchased spring 2018. Never hunted. 270 has 12 rounds fired. Staying with short actions, so this has to go Prices reflect condition of rifles. Reasonable offers accepted. Rife is in perfect condition. Included factory box and all contents. Prices are shipped lower 48 to...
  3. Holycity73

    Sako A7 accuracy issue

    No, this dead horse is yet to be beaten enough. I have a brand new Sako A7 in 25-06 which refuses to group better than 2 inches. This is with everything from Federal blue box to Sako brand. With 100 rounds down range and several cleanings, I’m at wits end. Before I call Baretta USA and become...