rifle build

  1. Buran

    Long range .30 Caliber Build Discussion

    I've been deciding on a .30 caliber longer range gun for a bit of time now. By long range I mean around 2000 yards. Currently my choices are between .300Win, .300PRC and a modified .30 Nosler. I already have the action I plan to use so .300 Norma is off the table for me. After talking to a...
  2. K

    Next Rifle Decision Help

    I have been trying to decide on a route to go for a new rifle for my brother but can't come to a final conclusion so I am looking for help. I am not sure whether to go with a higher-end factory rifle such as a fierce or a 2020 waypoint but also whether to go for a custom build either by me...
  3. tribb

    Custom rifle builder kauger arms ??

    Would like to know if anyone has any experience with rifles built by kauger arms? They are part of precision products located in Hazelhurst Ga. I went there recently and talked to them about a build. I looked at and handled a completed rifle. I liked the fact that they make their own actions...