1. jdmecomber

    Ultra-lite fill for your shooting bags

    One of my favorite bags for long range shooting is just too heavy. This will be good fit for shooters looking to lighten up their packs and bag weights. Ultra Light weight: Waterproof Chemical Proof Dust free Non-Shearing (does not break apart) Mold Resistant Lightest fill available...
  2. jdmecomber

    Load Development 7mm Rem Mag/175 Berger El

    Well, We are only 13 rounds in, and the rifle is doing very well. Grs Bifrost Stock, Benchmark Barrel 8.5 twist drop in, Savage Action with 1lb trigger spring, APA little Bastard Break, Atlas Bipod, Northland Shooter Lug, and Vortex PST Gen 2. We are shooting new Nosler brass that has been...