1. Jud96

    Calculating Freebore

    For awhile now I have been trying to mathematically figure out a way to determine optimal freebore for a given cartridge and bullet. Obviously the easy way is to send a dummy round to your smith or the reamer maker and be done. I however would like to figure out a way to accurately determine...
  2. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Parting out large estate sale - CONDENSING TO NEW AD

    For sale are the following bullets. These are the remnants of a large estate sale. I do not have immediate physical access to these (they're stored in a storage unit) so I can't check lot numbers, etc. If a box is partial, price will be adjusted accordingly. At least once a week, maybe twice...
  3. Daegon

    285 eldm

    Throwing this one out again. Trying to get a load for 285 ELDMs out of a 338 RUM with n570 powder. I’m shooting 250 berger elite hunters right now over 97 grains n570 in adg brass but would like some more energy and speed at distance. The load would be shot out of a factory Remington 700 xcr...
  4. A

    Marks on bullet. What is going on here?!?!

    Take a look at the video below. When I use my Hornady OAL gauge to push the bullet up to the lands I hit a good deal of resistance, if I push a little harder the bullet then slides up and stops (at what I assume is the lands). When I pull the bullet out it has these marks all the way around...
  5. B

    Concentricity Adjustment and Neck Tension

    This is more of a theoretical question I haven’t found the answer to... After seating a round, I always will put it in a concentricity tool, and if the runout is greater than .002, I will use the adjustment tool to straighten the round until it is less that .002. In doing that, am I creating a...
  6. A

    308 nosler ablr o.a.l??

    Just tried my first load with my tikka t3 lite 308 my nosler book says 2.810 for over all length, i used the hornady o.a.l gauge and i took about 5 measurments that came out too, 2.989? Did some reading and people were saying the bullet comparator (.308) (hornady) will Be a different length too...
  7. B

    Stuck case in chamber

    I recently had a proof barrel put on my .300WM Sendero. I’m working on developing a load, and have yielded good results from 70gr of IMR4831, with a Nosler AB 180gr. In fact that is the same recipe for the weapon prior to adding the new barrel. Here is my “hmmmm” moment. I had no indication of...
  8. BlazerBeam


    Looking to buy at least 4 pounds of retumbo, but I’ll take whatever you’re willing to sell. I have a perfect load for a 28 Nosler that I don’t really want to abandon once the little retumbo I have left is gone. I live in south central Montana. Let me know if you have any to spare. Thanks guys!
  9. Braunschweiger

    IOSSO Case Cleaners

    Noticed Creedmoor Sports is running a sale on IOSSO cleaning products. Anyone have experience with these cleaners? I did a search on the forum and found nothing but 10 year old posts. I pretty much only use Brass Juice now but have looked at buying a cleaner for my ultrasonic cleaner to clean...
  10. Braunschweiger

    Redding Type-S Competition Seating Die (.308 Win)

    Looking to buy a used (lightly) 308 winchester redding type-s competition seating die. Let me know what you have and if you also have the VLD seating stem. Thanks!
  11. 1Moose

    Browning .30-06 Semi Reloading Advice

    My parents gave my son a Browning .30-06 semi auto rifle some time ago. I think it could be a good step up for my son in the future who is nearly 11 from the 260 Remington he currently shoots when he can handle it and when we begin elk hunting. My hope is that it’ll be a bit less recoil than my...
  12. D

    Least favorite hunting cartridge to handload for?

    What's you least favorite hunting rifle cartridge to handload for among rifles owned and why?
  13. doug2080

    N565 for 28 nosler?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried the N565 with their 28 and if so what kind of results they got. Been using US869 with decent results as well a rl33 with promising results. Seems N570 is the go to in the 28 but that stuff being like hens teeth I thought I might give 565 a try but wanted to...
  14. Libbylogger

    Sorting brass?

    I finally found some Winchester brass for my 7mmWSM. Barreled action is at PAC-Nor getting a new tube and brake put on. I weighed the first hundred pieces and found quite a wide assortment of weights per piece. I’m not sure what to do now, these are hard to come by. I’m trying to start out...
  15. C

    Throat Erosion

    I have a 7mm Rem Mag and have about 1100 rounds on the barrel. Just wondering how much erosion should be normal?
  16. HeathGT

    Berger bullets, Nosler brass, Nosler bullets, RCBS dies

    I am selling some stuff I've had laying around for the last year or so and I'd like to clear some room on my bench. New RCBS 300 WBY Mag die set (RCBS#15201). $25 shipped Contact me at 334-398-0938. Thanks!
  17. Braunschweiger

    TWO 1-Pound Containers - Retumbo

    I haven't started reloading my 338 Lapua yet, but originally opted for Retumbo... being as Retumbo is really no where in sight, I'm not going to do load development on it and then have to try and find it or another powder to replace it.. so I'm just going to sell what I have and switch to IMR...
  18. IdahoHunter208

    300WM Whidden FL Bushing and Micrometer Seater

    Selling a set of practically brand new (reloaded 20 rounds before selling the rifle) set of Whidden reloading dies for 300 Win Mag. It is a full length bushing sizer die and a micrometer seater. Paid $225 from Whidden. Includes: .420...
  19. wildlife112

    Reloading powders for .338-06.

    What are some favorite reloading powders for 185 gr. TTSX Barnes bullets for elk at 300 yd. +/-.
  20. Canhunter35

    Velocity spread based off load or reloading practices

    I see a lot of talk on small es, and the use of it to ‘determine’ the node. And developing different loads chasing a small es on velocity. In my experience I’ve found reloading practice such as annealing, uniforming flash holes, Wright sorting primers, along with other consistent practices are...