redding type s bushing die

  1. leishman

    338 Lapua - Redding vs Hornady Reloading Dies

    Hello Everyone! Long time reader, first time asking for advice. I am currently finishing up a custom 338 lapua on a Lone Peak action. I just need to develop a load before hunting season. For reference, our typical ranges are 500 - 1200 yards for hunting (avg around 650) and ~1500 for target...
  2. charliehorse27

    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding Type S Match 300 WM die set

    Clearing out the 300 WM stuff and have some dies to sell off. They don't come with any bushings. Dies in good condition, and function well. Redding Type S Match full-length die set (sizer and micrometer seater) - $175 shipped
  3. J

    Redding Type S Bushing Die Scarcity

    Has anyone else been noticing how hard it is to find Redding Type S Full Length Bushing Dies lately? I have been looking for one for my 280 AI and can't find one anywhere. Is it supply chain issues or something else perhaps?